Customized Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Personalized wooden ornaments. Snowman, Snowflakes, Paw and bells.
Personalized wooden ornaments differents models
Personalized wooden ornament Snowflakes
Personalized wooden ornaments Snowman
Personalized wooden ornament Paw
Personalized wooden ornament Bells
Personalized wooden ornament Angel
Four wooden ornaments Snowflakes
Wooden ornaments Snowflakes



Customizable Wooden Christmas Ornament

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Material: Wood

Dimensions: 114 mm(4"1/2) (width)

Patterns: bells, snowman, snowflakes, paw, Angel

Customization: 15 characters maximum


A perfect Holiday gift, this wooden Christmas ornament will add a great pop to the Christmas tree. This ornament has an authentic charm, and finds its place right in the living room or kids’ room.

  • Memorable: A gift that will be treasured for years. A classic souvenir that you will enjoy unboxing every year, and which pairs well with all your other ornaments.
  • Durable:  Wood ornament that stands the test of time.
  • Customizable: Four ornament models to customize with a single word or first name.